TL-WN725N V2 Adapter Error

I was following the course up till the connecting a wireless adapter to Kali. I use a TP Link TL-WN725N V2 adapter for my usual work on my Windows OS and it works great. When I was following the course and opened Kali, I tried connecting my wireless adapter and it works, just for 5 seconds then disconnects on it’s own. I replug it and the same thing happens. I tried restarting the VM and the host but it did not work. I also tried switching the USB setting remote to yes but also did not work. Does anyone have any idea why it does not work?

Also a follow up, the thing only starts to disconnect when it’s checked, when I click on it from USB devices.

Also, one last follow up. I noticed that any device I choose or check from the devices just stops working. I tried choosing my mouse and it did not work. So any device I choose from the Devices-USB section stops working

Can you try to install some other VM like Ubuntu or Parrot OS to see if the USB works on those systems or not?

Hey! I installed Ubuntu and it worked perfectly on Ubuntu. No disconnecting no nothing. This must be a problem with my Kali Linux. What could be the problem in the VM, the settings are exactly like the video.

Follow up on this, I tried making a new Kali Linux from scratch and reinstalling and the same error happened. Maybe it doesnt work with Kali Linux but it works on other Linux’s since it worked on Ubuntu.

Are you installing you Kali Linux from its official website or are you using the custom Kali by Zaid? Try it using custom Kali also if not already tried Also, try it in virtual box if using vmware or vice-versa