Tor browser

Whonix no longer comes with the tor browser, you have to download it. And, when you try (no matter what version), it gives you a timeout error.

One solution I’m trying is to manually edit the timeout with:
kdesudo kwrite /usr/bin/update-torbrowser

then search for curl_download_max_time= and increase the timeout (in seconds). This threw me, the timeout is a couple of lines up. It defaults to 180. Change that to 3600. Hopefully, this will work.

I will investigate also. I have not encountered the issue. Let us know how you get on.

Ok, days later, after numerous re-installs, re-re-installs, troubleshooting, chasing down blind alleys, I finally saw this:

It worked like a charm. Quickly, easily. In the workstation Konsole, type
update-torbrowser --ordinary

Excellent. I’ve downloaded the latest versions to check this.