Track Skype Call participants

Hi guys,
I would like to check the location (or better IP) of participants in a Skype call (with around 20 people). What is the best way to do that? some netstat commands?

Thanks for your suggestions
(I am on a macbook)

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You can never get the IP addresses of the participants. Even if you look up the netstat for the connections your computer is making, you will only be able to get the IP address of the Skype servers. I have seen many tools online that say you can find the IP address of the person online from some kind of database, but that is all fake. Even if they give the IP address about any user, that will mostly be of their ISP and not their system. The IP addresses are dynamic, so getting an IP address doesn’t give you an advantage as it will be of no use once the user restarts the router. Moreover, it’s unethical to go for finding the IP address of people in your call without someone’s permission.

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Thank you very much for your reply!
I was told that Skype is using some Peer-to-Peer connection between all participants in a call, but after some checks I found out, that this is not true. All traffic goes through Skype Server in US. So no easy possibility to get connection info from the participants …

Besides, of course I know that in the best case I would get the dynamic ISP IP. But at least that would help me to see the country …