Trojan file downloads [solved]

what happens if you create a file with a Trojan and more than one person downloads it? Would you have access to every computer that downloaded it? If so how would you differentiate between the different computers?

Depending on Tool you use, there are tools available for single server and multiple clients like we used Empire, and some tools only support single server and single client like Thefatrat.

If you used an empire backdoor then each computer will show up as a seprate agent, so if you go to agents, and list you’ll see them all.

If you used a meterpreter backdoor then just se EixitOnSession to false in the multi handler, so do

set ExitOnSession False

Then do

exploit -j

To run the handler in the background, then you can just do

sessions -l

to list all the connections with their ID, and you can interact with each by doing

sessions -i [ID]