Truecrypts vs Veracrypt


Today, i would like to point out important topic on encryption. There is a lot of information on what is the best to use. I know that Nathan in his chapter recomended Veracrypt, but also many other good specialsts do not recommend it because of the possible backdoors by NSA. It might not be truth, since i havent done any audit on that. On the other hand we have Truecrypt which a fantastic “old fashion” solution that has no potential threats by default, since it has been analysed many times by audit companies and as well there is a legend on some forums that even FBI could not brutefore one of the containers of the bad guy for over 10 months.

The question is the following: what is more trustful and has less vulnerabilities

I make my points again on the volume 4 lectures on disk encrpyption.

Point me at substantial articles that talk about veracrypt backdoors if you know any?

The Truecrypt team state it is vulnerable but audits did not find anything too significant.

Dear Nathan,

I agree with you regarding the lack of evidences on Veracrypt. There are no substantial articles, its only talks and someone assumptions on forums regarding the possibility of backdoor.

Thank you for clarification.