Type 1 Hypervisor Recommendation

I know the course recommends using virtual box for practice, but I’m looking at making a machine to run a type 1 hypervisor so I can run many VMs simultaneously as well as serve the purpose of having a locked down and secure host while the guest VMs can vary in different security levels. If possible can someone tell me the pros and cons of running the different type 1 hypervisors? A requirement would be for the hypervisor to run across multiple monitors so I can have one monitor one VM and another as another VM. I want to get it down for what kind of hardware I will need to purchase before Black Friday hits here in the USA.

Good question. Do you know what hypervisor you will use? https://xcp-ng.org/

xcp-ng looks interesting! Thank you for the input. It’s a shame I would not be taking advantage of their cloud features. It might do everything that I’ll want in a Lab/personal machine. Nathan do you personally use xcp for your lab setup?

I’m currently debating xcp-ng and vmware. I’m leaning towards vmware workstation as a type 2 hypervisor just for convenience and that vmware is widely used in the enterprise environment.