Ultimate DevSecOps Course 2022 - missing content?

Hi course leader,

I currently can’t see any content under the following section of the course:

Section 6: Jenkins CI/CD
155 - 173

Content prior and after these sections is currently available.

Liking the course so far. Thanks

Apologies I meant that, the following content currently has no visible video “Download” links:

Section 6: Jenkins CI/CD
155 - 173

Section 11: Soft Skills for DevOps

239 - 251

Section 12: Real Life Vol 1 - Jenkins, Github and AWS In Practice

252 - 254
256. Setup The VPN Connection
259 - 300

Thanks for any help.


Thank you for bringing for this to our notice. Its fixed now. You should be able to download all course videos.

Thank you

I can access the content now, great stuff. Thanks.