Ultimate Linux Course - Beginner

Hello. Is there a way to secure my Kali Linux machine once its downloaded? I read something that said to Change root password; update the Kali Image to protect against vulnerabilities; and adding an unpriveleged user?

The reason I am asking is that I was taking another Station X course. I had downloaded Kali Linux on a Windows laptop. Within the next couple of months, social media sites, my gmail emails and laptop were hacked. I had to remove Kali Virtual Machine from that laptop. I am concerned of a repeat hack if I add Kali back on my laptop. Thanks. Jenny

I am not sure if Kali was responsible for getting your accounts hacked or not. But the thing to note is you should have NAT as your networking adaptor so that anything from inside the VM cannot access anything from your base machine. Also, the latest Kali already comes with another user other than root.