hello I am having a lot of problems with the programs that you suggest to download for the course I have had to reinstall my operating system half a dozen times from viruses or problems from the programs you suggest the pycharm I got all kinds of warning so i got rid of it
try downloading it yourself now i don;t know when you taped the lecture but it sure doesn;t work now. you talk about the downloads in the top right and they are bottom left . I love the way you teach and I have learned a great deal from you i have wrote my first 2 programs in python and the 3rd has a few kinks i have to work out . but i wrote them in text editor because the pycharm wouldn’t work it was full if viruses said to report to the site i got it from. its a lot harder to follow along with a different program. can you give some direction please?
my system is kali-linux 2019.2 and i have python 3.7 .
thank you Mr Atef
God Bless and Guide you

Hello Mr. Atef,
I think i’m sighed in now thought i was sighed in before kind of a little lost but I"ve always been somewhere between lost and found. I have noticed the changes in the course. i’m still working at it. python writer refuses to work for anything except 3.7 so i’m using text editor. slow but so am I .

Please clarity the problem with more details and screenshots if possible to be able to solve it for you.

I got the problem fixed i had to go with an older version of pycharm but by that time i figured that out i was so used to text editor i still use it …