Unable to download PSIsetup.exe

In our lectures there is a part to download the PSIsetup.exe application from https://www.flexera.com/ but when I visit the site I am unable to find the download bar please help me where can i find it. I have searched it a lot but still unable to find it.

Hi @AtharvaJoshi, The PSI software has been discontinued since 2018. I found a site where it has some alternatives to it. Do check it out. https://www.zdnet.com/article/finding-a-software-updater-to-replace-secunias-psi/

Apologies. This needs updating. Secunia PSI / Flexera PSI was bought and then not maintained and went end-of-life.

Other options;

Patch My PC – The best alternative to PSI

Patch My PC is the biggest competitor of Personal Software Inspector in terms of features. And an added advantage that Patch My PC is portable and comes with an uninstaller option to uninstall unwanted software. Software updates are checked from a database of 300 commonly used software. Patch My PC also checks for missing Windows updates as well as security vulnerabilities in the system.

One advantage of Patch My PC, is that it gives the user a caching mode. IT Pro Caching mode is helpful when you have to updates multiple systems. Just check the option “IT Pro Caching mode” in options and in addition to upgrading the system, Patch My PC will download and save all updates in the same folder from where it is run.

If it detects that the setup is already there in the folder, the next update will not be downloaded from the Internet but will be installed from local path. This can be helpful if you run Patch My PC from a USB pen drive or a network folder.

Download Patch My PC Updater

Heimdal THOR Free – Select software to monitor and update

Heimdal THOR Free concentrates on patching system, getting silent and automatic software updates keeping your installed software up to date. It does not scan Windows updates for security vulnerabilities and missed patches. One advantage Heimdal THOR Free is that it gives user the option to select from a list of installed software to monitor and update when required.

You can select auto-update for automatically installing when updates are available. Otherwise, un-check the option to get updates and install them manually. THOR premium will give you more power by blocking malicious Internet traffic and malware infection scanning. But the effectiveness of this is limited like all antt-malware solutions.

Download Heimdal Agent Free

SecPod Saner Personal – Enterprise grade cross-platform vulnerability scanner

SecPod Saner Personal is an easy to use, light-weight and enterprise grade security solution for Windows, Mac and Linux. It identifies loop-holes and vulnerabilities in the system and will automatically update the system with latest patches.

You can even schedule system scanning. It not only scans for outdated software, it will also find security vulnerabilities in the Operating System. If you want full security compliance, you will need to fix all vulnerabilities found in installed software as well as the Operating System.

Applying security patches is easy, just click on the Fix link in front of each detected vulnerability or “Remediate All” will fix all found vulnerabilities.

Download SecPod Saner

Other software updater utilities

There are a lot of other software updater programs and services which will scan and detect installed software and then update them if required. The reason for not including them in this list was that they were not doing all the work which PSI was doing that’s why I didn’t add them to PSI alternatives list.

If you are just interested in updating software and not check for system vulnerabilities, I’m listing down the software updater programs below: