Unable to install and run Veil

I’ve been stuck on installing Veil since I got the VIP Membership. I keep having errors whenever I try installing. I’m using the Kali linux version from the classes. Please I need some help so I can go on with the rest of the class. I’m unable to add the log of the errors here, please check it out on paste bin.

Please forgive my bad English.

Thank You In Advance.


Are you following the install method from their git repo? if not then please follow that - GitHub - Veil-Framework/Veil: Veil 3.1.X (Check version info in Veil at runtime)

Yes I’m following the install method

./setup.sh --silent --force

Try other install methods also listed there. Do note that the tool is not updated for a long time so there can be multiple issues why it is not running in latest version of Kali or with latest version of python

I have used all the methods of installation, but none of them seems to work. Did you check the pastebin link? Perhaps you should also try installing veil on a fresh machine, so you can see for yourself. I really don’t see what I’m doing wrong cos I’m following the course. I’ve actually been trying to install veil since I got the membership and it’s been over two months. I’ve tried reinstalling linux from scratch as well.

It’s not worth the effort. You can skip this section if you want. There have been a lot of discussions on Veil in this forum and no one knows how to fix the issue. The tool authors haven’t updated the tool and that’s the main issue here.

The next section still requires veil, how do I go on with the course if I don’t have the tools for it? Face Palm

I was talking about the whole Veil thing. It is not worth the effort and if talking about current antivirus solutions, it is hard to bypass those even after generating payloads using Metasploit. Just having that theoretical knowledge about these stuffs that don’t actually work is important and that’s it.