Unable to install Veil on Zaids custom Kali

Hello, I am unable to install Veil. I am following the course “Learn Social Engineering From Scratch” by Zaid
However when I try to run Veil I get the following

[!] ERROR #2-3: Can’t find the WINE profile for Python v3.4 (/var/lib/veil/wine//drive_c/Python34/python.exe).

I am using Zaids custom version of Kali. Should I abandon this version of Kali in favour of the latest release?

Hey try this:
go to directory: cd Veil/config


‘2 files in that directory’

setup.sh & update-config,py

1st command

python update-config.py “this will make path”

2nd command

./setup.sh -s ’ ‘this will install it’’

let it install automatically

Thank you for your reply and help. Unfortunately, I still get the same results when I follow your instructions. and then try to run Veil

!] ERROR #2-3: Can’t find the WINE profile for Python v3.4 (/var/lib/veil/wine//drive_c/Python34/python.exe).

Hi, there a lot of questions here on Veil. You can try the search bar and just type “Veil”. Try the solutions mentioned in all the posts. Some of the solutions worked for students here before so it may work for you.