Unable to Run Kail

I installed, uninstalled and re-installed Kali and the virtual box. When I click on the kail 2020 link in the Virtual Box the computer goes to full screen giving the appearance it’s loading and then I get a error message.

I checked the extension and have the extension active
I’m on a window 10 and in the general tab for type, do I need to put Windows because I tried and the ok button didn’t populate.
I’m getting a message about the acceleration page needing to be disabeled and when I do disable it,


Is Virtualization enabled in the bios of the host?

Thanks for the response. I just did it and was able to get it running but I have a problem. This is the
Kali screen that I have but it doesn’t have the features the course has.

When I do full screen, the black box is in the middle and the outline is cloudy. Is this the right format or do I need to do it again. Thanks.

Also, I can’t see the mouse cursor in the black screen. Thanks.

The screen that I see

Does the login screen appear?
If so login and do this:

My screen doesn’t have any of the icons on the screen in the video. I went to devices and clicked on the insert guest additions and nothing came up. Here is what my screen looks like.

I don’t have any icons on the screen. Thanks.

That’s a boot screen.
So that means Kali isn’t fully booted.

Remove the Kali vm. + remove virtualbox.
And install everything again.
I think something went wrong when you installed virtualbox when virtualization was disabled.

Thanks for the reply. I re-installed it again and still nothing. I’m going to try it again.

Can you test it with another vm?
Like this one:

Thanks for all your help. I’m trying to download parrot and it asked me what app I wanted to use to open it. I’m not sure what app to open it with.

if you double click the file it should open virtualbox.

I was unable to download parrot but I was able to download VM ware and loaded Kali on it.

Thanks for all the help. It’s the Kali that was in the course. I hope this VM will let me study with the course.

I hate to bug you again but I downloaded python to my computer and when I went to file on the Kali vm it says file empty.I went to VM settings and options for the shared files and it says disabled and vm must be installed and running on operating system

Then when I go to the VM mare workstation, player and manage, the buttons aren’t populated.

To make a shared folder, you have first to power off your VM and then make a folder. Also, it seems that VMware Tools are not installed on your VM. To install VMware tools, look at this link: https://www.kali.org/docs/virtualization/install-vmware-tools-kali-guest/. Once you install Vmware tools, you can drag and drop or copy/paste the files from your base OS to the Kali OS.

thanks for all the help. I copy/pasted the files in the Vnmare and it ran and then went dark. After that, I couldn’t log into it anymore. I had to uninstall and reinstall it. I want to take the course but I can’t even install the apps needed. Is there any refund policy because I’ve been trying to install this for over 3 days. Again, thanks for all you help.

These are the normal issues that everyone faces while installing VM on their system. The art of troubleshooting these kind of things will take you further in your career in cybersecurity.

I don’t know about the refund thing. You should mail Nathan for that

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@ scottaj I can only come up with 1 solution if I read your story like this.
Make sure to back up the important files on your computer.
See if you really have a processor that supports virtualization.
And reinstall your host.
After that start all over again.
You need VMs for almost all the courses you can find.
And maybe you have another pc at home where you can test virtualbox / vmware.

To give you an example. I have a pc that is a few months old + a macbook + a pc that is 8 years old. None of them have any problems with VMware / Virtualbox.

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Thanks. I’ll keep going with it. I’m worried that if I can’t even install everything that the course might be to advanced for me. Thanks for the help.

Hello scottaj, I just joined the forum and was wondering if you ever got things working? If not I was wondering if you turned off any virus/malware protection before you ran the installer. Of course I would only do that if you trust the source or do it in a sandbox.