Unable to to install Kali Linux on VM player

I am unable to install kali Linux on VM player.

I can’t help you with just that information. I need to know what OS you use, what do you mean by VM player (VirtualBox or VMWare), which Kali Linux version are you using, where did you download it from?

I have Widows 10 Operating system. And I have Virtual box 6.1 which is downloaded from Virtualbox.org I have also downloaded Kali Linux from the link description given by Zsecurity Customized Kali 2020 64- bit.
My Laptop is HP note 15 series.

OK, so what problem are you facing? Are you not able to import it? Or after importing the system is not starting? Please include screenshots if there are any errors

I got the point as after installing on Virtual box, it shows i have no enough RAM to contribute on Virtual box to run Zaid’s Kali Linux. There i have to ugrade my RAM also check adapter.

Yes, if it is showing you don’t have enough RAM, then you need to upgrade your RAM.

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