Use of anti-virus software

This has probably been asked before, but what are your thoughts on the well known anti-virus software that is available, such as Norton? Particularly for home computer applications. Are they really worth the money (not to mention they can be a pain when you’re trying to download software or something like that), or are you just as safe being internet ‘savvy’ and employing a few of the defences and detectors that you speak about in the course?

You posted in general discussion so no one answered it.

Antivirus/end point protection is covered fully in volume 4. Currently the efficacy of antivirus is questionable. i.e. it doesn’t stop many attacks! Personally I don’t use any on Windows, Mac or Linux and don’t perform actions that can infect my machine. (The actions covered in the course.) But if you’re on Windows and want an extra (but not reliable layer) of security then you may want to go with an antivirus product. Windows 10 AV defender is ok and it has sand boxing

Antivirus on Mac and Linux is currently not worth installing.

I don’t currently recommend any product. I recommend doing your own research and watch volume 4.


I’ve noticed they bog down one’s system quite heavily as well, which can get frustrating. In the end I decided to just have one installed on one half of my readyboost USB, Malwarebytes, just so i can scan riskier files.

I just lost my job and am trying to cut expenses. Finding out I don’t need anti-virus software is going to save me over $100 a year I’ve been wasting. I did purchase a VPN instead and installed it on my phone and both PC and MAC and am continuing to work on other securing activities. Thank you for further confirming this.