User and Account Creation - Shell Scripting Project 1

When running the script is exercise 2 (following the walkthrough video) I get an “Authentication token manipulation error” after the root enforced change of password. I did not get this error in previous scripts.

I’ve seen this before but haven’t nailed down the cause, I admit. Try running this command to check the integrity of the shadow file:

sudo pwconv

If that doesn’t fix the issue, run this command to update PAM’s configuration:

sudo authconfig --updateall

I’ve also seen a post from someone who had the problem go away after rebooting their VM.

Give those a try, and if none of them fix the problem, let me know and we’ll go from there.

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That worked! It’s fixed. Thanks for the fast response! I love your classes. I will be taking several more.

Excellent on both counts - glad it works, and that you’re enjoying the classes!