Using a spare router as an access point​

I have a spare router that I’m using as an access point for better wireless coverage. It’s on the same subnet as the main router, and as such it bypasses all the routing and firewall functions. I disabled WPS on it, as well as the guest network. I also set it for WPA-2 instead of WPA/WPA-2 (AES) for authentication.

Does that about cover it? Being strictly an access point, it has less options than a full router.

Are you using a strong password?

Forgot to mention that. yes, as suggested, combination of upper and lower case, numbers, special characters, and not an actual word like Password123 or something like that!

Have you watched the lecture on wireless security? You have covered the main ones there. You may want to step it up further depending on your needs like lowering its power output, or enterprise authentication but this is based on threat profile.