Veil Installation on the Custom Kali VM

I have been trying to run apt update -y && apt upgrade -y, and install Veil as per instructions in the course. Both these processes fail with errors. Has anyone else come across this? Any solutions, @Zaid_Sabih @Apurv-StationX

What specific error are you getting? Is it the first command or the second command? Share more details and include screenshots if possible.

@Apurv-StationX I get the following errors.

  1. Failed to reload daemon. Failed to activate service 'org.desktop.systemd1 timed out (service start timeout = 25000ms)
  2. failed to stop atftpd.service. Connection timed out. See system logs and systemctl status atftpd.service for details.

The installation did work on a regular Kali VM though.

Hope these screenshots will help…

Veil framework - #14 by ajinkyatakawale I hope this will help you.

The custom Kali is older version and the Kali downloaded from Offensive’s website is new version. Because of that you may be getting version issues. You can use any Kali that works for whatever you are downloading