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I have just subscribed to the 4 course bundle and was trying to set up VIP access and download Volume 1 pdf, but it did not let me get these VIP privileges.

How could I solve it?

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On the stationx course platform. Go to “The Forum” lecture.

Scroll to the bottom.
Step 1. Register here
Step 2. Get VIP access here

Still the same problem.

Hello there.
I have manually added you to the VIP group, can you give it one more try?
Follow the home page > Categories > VIP Category > Download Volume 1 eBook and you will find direct download link.
Let us know it it works out OK.

Much appreciated! Now I have an access.

Really motivated to learn and develop.

Have a good day!

Thats great. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello Guys,

The direct url to access vip section is working now. You can give a try .

:smiley: Thats great

Same situation as eduard.keister I get that same page when clicking the link

This problem should be fixed. Are you logged in?

Yeah, I’m logged in. Still doesn’t work.

Ok, I applied the same remedy (manual control) and it should be fine now.
We will have to see with our web developer what is going on.

Hey Guys,

I had deployed latest version of discourse forum and there was an issue with group public property. I have fixed that. I really apologise for inconvenience.Also I have removed the option to join the vip group at /groups as it is private.

I also having the same issue accessing VIP and EBook.


I will get it looked at for you.

Hi @NathanHouse,
Do need more detail of mine?

My actual email address

Hey Shann,

You might not having an account with our forum with that email. Make sure you are already logged-in to an account before accessing the VIP section as it is private.

@jaswinder, your are right. Now, I able to access VIP Category and Ebook.


Just to let people know, the VIP access and download worked OK for me at this point in time (08/06/17).
Using the links provided in the course, I went through the registration process, was logged in at the time I selected the get VIP access and then down loaded the book.

Thanks and hope that helps any one else new coming on.

Thank you. Yes it should be fixed.