VIP access

Hi Nathan

Is the VIP Access only available if you buy the courses on the Station X platform?
I brought the first three courses via Udemy and don’t see the links described in this post there.


Yes that’s true. Udemy has its own forum.

Thanks for letting me know Nathan…

Hi, I am having the same problem when clicking the link from the course

Hi Brandon,

You might have requested more than once to join VIP group or tried to join the group without logged-in. You are already a member of VIP group now and should be able to access private pages of VIP group -

I also do not have access to the VIP section and was trying to get the eBook as well

The VIP link is not working for me. Says page does not exist or is private. I am already logged into the forum.

You are already in the VIP members group.


I have the same problem as eduard (Vip access but no available ebook). Could you please check it?

The download link does not work. Here’s what I got:

I have cleaned up some of the user issues, should be working now.

Hello There Sir @NathanHouse How Can I Enrol in Muhamad atef course thank you

They are available in VIP or you can just buy them. Are you not able to?

yup sad to say about that cause I’m short… I’m jobless and just talking care of my little comp shop yet still never giveup to become pentester atlease my skill never fail me :slight_smile: