VIP or Course Bundle?

What are the advantages of VIP membership over buying just a $ 65 course package? Are there really experts who “directly” help you?

Hi Darkside,

VIP membership gives you access to all courses on the site for the membership period. If you are after a particular course and would like access to it indefinitely, then only paying for that course makes sense. This forum is where we come to discuss anything or connect with experts.

Obviously everyone’s situation is different, but I’ve found the VIP membership to be a no-brainer. I owe in large part to StationX that I went from not knowing anything about cybersecurity just over a year ago to completing three IT certifications. So far, I have not found a more relevant place for my needs at this price.


Hi @SamM as you are an VIP member, can you just tell after taking the VIP membership if in any course we found any difficulty or we got stuck, then in how much time the mentor give us reply to our queries?? can you please tell

Hi Ajinkyatakawale, I personally have not had to ask for course content assistance but I can see queries being answered by other users or moderators. As many of us have full time jobs, I can understand if a question is not answered immediately. But again I haven’t really encountered any issues in this regard.

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