Virtual Box browser speed?

Good morning, all.

I’m a complete noob and powering my way through this course - lots to learn! My question is about the speed of my VM, which seems unreasonably slow when trying to use the internet browser.

I am using Virtual box and Kali Linux (surprise, surprise) and the machine seems to work fine on all of the text based applications, but when trying to use the default browser (Firefox), the slow speed renders it useless, basically. My host machine is a 2017 MacBook Pro with a measly 8g memory, which I am assuming is the problem.

Am I correct thinking the VM is slow due to my host’s lack of RAM? Is there a fix for this shy of a new computer?

Many thanks in advance


In the Virtual Box settings for that specific Kali VM, you may need to allocate more memory and CPU cores. Make sure you’re running as little apps as possible on both the host and guest VM to free up memory and CPU. Running too many VM guests at one time can sometimes be a problem. Check your task managers on both the host and guests to monitor device resources.

Another option, of course, is to add more RAM, but you may not need to buy another device.

Cheers for the reply, Gdub.

That’s kinda what I thought. There’s very little running on the host Mac when I’m playing with the VM and I’m only running one VM at the moment.

This is a good computer for doing basic tasks, but you can hear the poor thing groaning when I’m editing video - if I’m editing something complex it becomes all but useless, so a new computer is in my future, anyway.

Thanks again.