Virtual keyboard bs keylogger

Do you recommend using virtual keyboard ? if using a PC that could possibly have keylogger in it (in a job) ?

Virtual keyboards are useful when entering sensitive information like passwords. If a machine is possibly infected you should resolve the issue and not use it.

The scenario I am referring to is, if I need to log into a pc in hotel business center while traveling, and I need to log into web site to download a file, can I try to protect my user/pass by using a virtual keyboard and thus avoid a suspected keylogger ? Also, can you recommend a safe portable virtual keyboard ?

I see. I assume here your saying your talking about using someone elses equipment/PC. You should always try to use your own equipment. Password protection is covered in Volume II. Using Internet cafes is covered in volume III. Without going into to much technical detain if your using some elses equipment/PC it is very very difficult to protect against an attacker who own the equipment. To the point where if its an account you care about I just wouldn’t do it if you don’t trust them.

See this

Virtual keyboards can help but are far from perfect. You also need to have one that doesn’t need installation. A portable app version.

In this scenario you need 2 factor authentication and to change your password using a different machine if you are really concerned after you finish. My recommendation is simply don’t do it! Use a phone, use your own equipment.