Virtualbox and vmware connecting

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask for help with connecting virtual box os to a vmware pentesting lab. As I am choosing every different combination of setting I am not able to find a vmware target in network scan. Anybody can help me hot to set a vitual machines to work together? I have already OS running on virtual box but virtual labs are just for vmware. I have wlan adapter available, but even when I set bridge nothing happens.

Thanks a lot,


Are you wanting them to communicate over the network?

Honestly I am not sure if I properly understand your question so what I write may be the same.

I wish to connect vmware machine either to my public network with its own ip or to my NAT network (preferable) I have already configured for machines in virtualbox so I can attack it from my kali I have in virtualbox.

I am using vmware player, it seems to me to have limited settings, or I have limited knowledge. I have also tried to google the solutions but with no succes so far, and converting to virtualbox also didnt worked so far.

I have succesfully connected both machines. If anybody would like to know how, follow