Virtualbox - Black Screen

Hi all -

Virtualbox won’t run any machine I try. I can create them or add them from prebuilds. When I run them, I get the Virtualbox splash, and then the screen turns and stays black.

I updated all software and even pc BIOS. Virtualization is on in BIOS, even turned on VTd.
I tried fidling with the settings in Virtualbox, like turning 3D Acceleration on/off, more CPU’s, more RAM, more video RAM etc. No go.
I’m running Windows 10 Home Version 1809 with Virtualbox 6.0.8 and it’s extension pack.
I have logs but can’t add them here.
Search engines didn’t help either.



Hey Tsukijama,
Sorry to hear your having issues.
If your not getting any major errors causing the VM to crash, it may be down to available resources as running VMs is essentially running multiple OS on a single computer.
Have you tried: start windows task manager and move to the processes tab, start your VM and monitor your ram, storage and graphics card usage to see if any are maxing out. May be down to your computer’s spec not able to cope.
I don’t know how your setup but if your running from and external hard drive with a USB 2.0 and a slow transfer rate, it will reduce your performance.
Hope this helps,
If your still having issues could you copy some of your log in text and see if we can figure it out.

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t tried in a while as I continued on in the course.
Back in the day I made my desktop for gaming. Sporting a Nvidia GTX 980 Ti, 32Gb of RAM, 250Gb SSD and Intel i7-4790K. Haven’t seen CPU nor RAM go over 14%. Didn’t check for graph card.
I’m considering getting the Librem laptop. That would make my virtualbox on Windows issue mute, I guess.

Mostly, the Black Screen error occurs if the latest Windows OS is not successfully installed or the version is not suitable for the PC. Acer Laptop Services Center can fix the problem for you by checking your computer details and installing the correct version of Window OS.