VirtualBox. Problem

I went to download virtualbox going through the course from Nathan and try to open or start and it would not start. Then I recognized it was a Windows 7 platform and I am running Windows 10 could that be the reason and if so how do I change this

Hi @Kurt_Todd, were you trying to download the virtualbox software or a particular VM? Also, can you specify the course name and section from where you were downloading this?

I was trying to download the virtual box software. I’m taking the complete cyber security course volume 1…Hackers exposed.

Can you try downloading the virtual box from this link Just click on Download VirtualBox in the middle. Also, which link did you use to download that isn’t working on your system?

I used the link that was given in the course, same one you suggested. Then clicked the windows OS link…it did download but when I try to start it once it’s opened it won’t start. Also noticed that it said windows 7. Don’t know if that’s the issue but I will try again and see if it works. Thanks for your help. If I still can’t get it I will post again.

Actually in the course it tells me to go to

Try installing it using this link And let me know what error you are getting when you click the downloaded exe file.

Thank you so much! I will let you know.

Hi there, I replied via email. Still having problems. I think I have to get into my BIOS and change the firmware UEFI settings to enable virtualization…does that sound right. If so, is there any other way other than going into my BIOS?

Hi Kurt, try changing the setting in BIOS and let me know if it works or not. I honestly don’t remember that one can even run the virtual machine without changing the BIOS setting.

Thanks Apurv.

I downloaded Linux Lite off of but instead of it downloading as a VDI file, it downloads as a 7Z file and won’t work on VirtualBox

Have you tried p7zip to open?

No. What is that?

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This…above should open the vdi file for you. From there you should be able to mount it. Good luck.

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