Virus Detected [solved]

When I try to download the file on my windows machine (even after scanning it with No Distribute and it passing) it is detected by Windows and deleted before fully downloading

I’ve also tried editing the hex values but windows defenders still detects it

Also it works (Downloads without detection) before I try to turn it into a trojan … after I do however it detects and deletes it.

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just make sure that Veil is up to date, after running it with




I just created a backdoor and tested it with an updated database of Windows defender and it didn’t detect it

Then I used this backdoor in the download and execute payload and left it as bat, tested it, works and bypasses everything.

Then I converted the bat file to exe and still works and bypasses everything.

So the main thing is that try to get the basic backdoor to bypass everything first, then use it to build the trojan.