VLAN's VS second router

This is a general curiosity question as i am going through VOL2,
in the past for no other real reason than i didnt have access to a WIFI extender i connected a second router HUB via ethernet cable edited the IP address slightly in it’s system settings and this essentially gave me a second WIFI to be able to connect to that couldnt comunicate with the orignal,
so is this not simular to a VLAN?

Well, I really don’t understand what are you trying to say? Can you describe it again? What do you mean by “connected a second router HUB”? Also, which system setting you talking about?

Ok so my description of things needs some work it seems…
right so when i talk about my router it is in fact a Hub,
so to do what i was talking about,
I have my main hub connected to the internet via my ISP then i take an ethernet cable and connect it to the grey socket on the back of my Hub, (WAN port)
then i take a second hub in a different room and connect it to my laptop and dial into it with the admin pannel, once in there i need to disable th eDHCP server, then i change the settings so that it has a different IP address so Hub 1 maybe IP
Hub 2 will be set to IP (but remember to be careful not to set this IP to an IP that is taken on your network alread as IP’s can be in a range from 1 - 254 i recomend choosing a high number like 254 as it’s less likely to be taken)
Once i have changed the IP address I connect the ethernet cable from Hub 1 into Hub 2 (ports 1 -4 and dissconect from my laptop.
also you may want to set the SSID for simple use set it the same as the main HUb to save authenication.
once this is completed in affect i then have 2 internet connections live in the house both with seperate WIFI names and passwords and i can also utilise the ethernet ports from both routers.

Are you sure you use a HUB?
Because a switch is faster and less/no collision. You should really take a good look at the OSI model!

it has HUB 3.0 on the label in simple modern terms it is a router its what my ISP provide on joining so i am saying hub as it is a modem switch and router all in one

whichever label is given to the hardware i am simply adding a second router as an extender

it’s a bit confusing for me to get to the bottom of this. but with vlan you can really create 2 different networks that can work independently of each other.
And what I can tell from your story is that you just made 2 different WiFi points in the same network. If you can ping and from 1 device both the routers are in the same network. That’s totally different then a VLAN.

take a look at this video it explanes it all much better than i can

this is just expanding the new network. this has nothing to do with vlan. with a vlan you can also use a different subnet and then it becomes a completely different story.

ok i was not sure thats why i asked networking is my weakest point so it just sounded simular

No problem.
But if you ask someone a question who is often involved with networking (this is very important when you are talking about cybersecurity)
And you are going to use technical terms that can be very confusing. A HUB and a Switch are both a box with network connections, but technically they are 2 completely different devices.

Another tip:
If you use the old router this way, make sure that it supports WPA2 + AES.

I hope this helped you.