VMWare Download Issue

Hello, I am following the tutorial of “Installing Kali Linux as a VM on Windows” and I am running into an issue. Firstly, I vaguely remember using VirtualBox for this course and having been provided a .ova file to accompany it, but that tutorial video seems to have been replaced with a VMWare tutorial so Im not too sure what happened there. But, on to my issue. I download VMware from https://customerconnect.vmware.com/en/downloads/details?downloadGroup=PLAYER-1610&productId=1039&rPId=85399, and it downloads smoothly and all and I am downloading the right one, however when it gets to agreeing to the EULA, it simply just gives me a loading circle, and I cannot press the next, cancel, or any button for that matter. Could it be because I do not have windows, or is it a more complex issue?

It seems you are downloading an old version. Try this link - https://www.vmware.com/go/getplayer-win