Vmware gets stuck on the last bit

Hi. It’s me again. I’m on the part of volume 1 where I have to download vmware. I get the file. It works-for about 98% of the “getting ready for installation” part. It gets stuck on the last bit of the preparation and won’t start. Does this happen to anyone else or am I the only one? Sorry about that blue arrow.

This is Workstation Player 16 by the way. That’s the one it downloads when I try to get vmware from the website.

Is vmware required for volume one of this course? I already can use virtualbox. I really hope vmware isn’t a requirement

I’ve literally been waiting 20 minutes and that download isn’t going anywhere.

I don’t know why the download is not finishing. Try re-downloading maybe. Also, you don’t need VMWare. You can do everything with just one virtual software and as you said you already have virtual box so no need to install other software.

Ok. Thanks! I’ll likely just do the rest of this with virtualbox then since I have the entire “Learn Python and Ethical Hacking form Scratch” worth of experience with virtualbox.