VMware/VirtualBox going outside the enviorment to install software (noob question)

My understanding of vmw and vw is that it doesnt go outside the environment to contaminate your system. But i have been installing a few things and it is going to my c drive to install like python and not staying inside the vmw or vb.

All this vm stuff is quite new to me… is this common for them to install outside of the environment? Since it has its own hd space… and should install in there.

Sorry forgot to add… i am using a ms 10 box, with both vmw and vb installed. I am running a kali linux inside the virtual machines…


The virtual machine should be using some disk space to store its files, as you say, but that should be limited to working inside the file it created on your drive for that purpose. Are you getting installation dialogs that prompt you for a location, and suggest C:? If so, then it’s possible that you’ve downloaded a Windows installer for Python that’s running in your host operating system instead of in the virtual machine.

To install in the VM you should be using the distribution’s package manager (like “apt-get python”).

If none of that seems to apply, provide some more specifics, if you could. What is the installer doing that indicates that it’s installing to the C drive outside of the VM?

I was pulling it out of a clone but i will try app-get. to see if that will help. . i was installing FatRat i think it was… when it started to go out and tell me that i already had python installed and if i wanted to install over it… I am doing the 2 courses on here and one out of a book…