VNC or X11 Forwarding on Debian Broken?

I wanted to VNC to my newly installed Debian laptop on the local network. After much trial and error I ran across an article stating that there is a known bug in the Gnome desktop environment that breaks this functionality. I then tried to do X11 forwarding over SSH. I am able to do this and launch individual apps like iceweasel but when I try to launch an entire desktop by issuing the command gnome-session it fails with the message “Oh no! Something has gone wrong” which seems to be similar to the failure trying to VNC. Any insight on this one?

Nothing springs to mind but then again I can’t see what you have done. Something like:

Have you tried another desktop to see if that work?

I was able to VNC when I tried XFCE desktop but the resolution was poor and I actually prefer gnome. and seem to indicate a bug but I thought perhaps you might know a fix. Thanks anyway for the reply.

I see. No sorry I don’t have a fix for this.