Volume 1 and CCNA R&S, CEH and CISSP

Volume 1, is there anything on it that someone who is currently going for their CCNA R&S, CEH and CISSP would need to know?

There is a crossover to all of them. CISSP is more theory. CEH has less cross over as that is really just a list of hacking tools and how to use them.

To pass those you need to concentrate on their curriculum (not my course) as they have their own opinions on topics. Example in CISSP you used to have to say biometrics are the best method of authentication. But in the real world thats not always the case which a course like mine will explain why. You need to learn the answer that the course provider believes to be correct. But generally topics cross over.

Thanks Nathan, all of certifications are my goal to protecting myself and eventually protecting companies! I have a friend who is CCIE Security certified that helps me out a lot. I might go as high as CCNP, but a CCIE is doubtful.

The Cisco certs are specialist for Cisco networking if that’s the route you want to take. Those wont help too much in protecting yourself. My courses are aimed at self protection though if that’s what interests you.