Volume 1: Section 1. Introduction [2.Security Quick Win!]

Does it true if I use Web Bugs url into my custom domain url shortener? If yes. Does canarytokens not record double IP server? First, IP server comes from url shortener. Second from IP server original IP attacker.

Or I should use original url Web Bugs Canarytokens?

Thank You.

Try it. Never tried it.

I have tried Sir. There’s anything happens. No email notification.

But when I try to go directly to Web Bugs url. It works, and appears email notification.

So, this function of canarytokens is limited, isn’t?

Thanks for your attention.

Sir, I have tried canary token from canarytokens.org It works! I use custom domain shortener it record and appears original IP.

But when get canary tokens from yours whitecolouddrive, doesn’t work. Just form your information.

Ok. Never tested.

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