VPN possible leak

I want to thank Nathan for his amazing course. You present the information clearly and completely. Your lectures are terrific!
I have a question:

DNS Leak over VPN perhaps?: Sometimes I will run a test and the DNS test shows a different IP but only the last two digits of the IP. For example my IP when using the VPN could be. and the DNS test will show something like Do I have a DNS leak or is it still on the VPN server? Im confused. Its not my ISP IP in any case. Its also not every time. Sometimes I will log onto to my VPN and the IP and DNS test IP are identical. TYIA:)

EDIT: I know see this in the leak test. “hosted-by.leaseweb.com” The IP leaked is in the same country as the VPN IP I am using though.

Thank you.

Do a DNS test when you are not on the VPN. Note the IP address of the DNS server.
Then do a test when you are on the VPN. The IP should be totally different to the ISP-assigned DNS IP.

But from what you have written it doesn’t sound like a leak.

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