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Hello everyone, I was scrolling through reddit the other day in the r/cybersecurity subreddit, and noticed that someone has started a thread about free vpn services. According to the user who shall remain nameless, said that free vpn services steal and sell your data, whether it is on your phone , laptop, PC, etc. I have been using a vpn service called windscribe which isnt entirley free. You can either pay monthly or chose the free plan. The free plan is basically giving me 10 gb only. I dont know what the 10 gb is for, but it allows me only 10 gb of something. So my questions are:

1- is it true that free vpn services steal and sell data
2- Is it safe to use the ‘free plan’ version of a vpn services? (for example windscribe, the vpn service i am currently using)



You can’t trust free VPN or proxy services because they can store the logs and they can do anything with it that includes selling and stealing also. You should always go with good VPN providers that don’t retain logs or have good data security policies.

Some of the good VPN providers are:
NordVPN.com (Panama) – Laws good here. - https://www.stationx.net/NordVPN
AirVPN.org (Italy) - works well.
IVPN.net (Gibraltar)
Mullvad.net (Sweden) – Seem to have laws to prevent coercion
blackVPN.com (Hong Kong) – No data retention laws, no gag order

Check out

Check out the lecture in Volume 3 - How to select a VPN provider. Also how to build your own VPN server.

Yes, it is 100% true that free ones can get you doomed if not today then in the near future. Also, not all the paid ones are safe. When opting for a provider make sure that you opt for a one that has:

  1. Zero Log Policy - which makes sure that none of your activity is being tracked and saved by the provider.
  2. Association with 5,9 and 14 Eyes - the providers that hold no association with the following nations are not legally bound to hold track records of their users activity. For instance Panama VPN by a provider is a safest option to connect to and access the world wide web.
  3. Security Protocols - the provider should offer latest encryption protocols so that your data when transmitted is safe and cannot be decrypted.
    These are the basic precautions that you look for when opting for a service provider.
    Now to your questions, free VPNs dont steal your data but they keep a record of your activity across all devices where the VPN is being used. And if the need be they might hand over your data to the agencies when they are questioned. To your second question, I’ve mentioned basic steps that you need to take when opting for a provider cross check your provider against those and if it satisfies the criteria then you dont need to worry at all.

Is anyone using firefox vpn extension?

I use the paid version. But if you really want to use a free VPN service, this is a really good choice.

I use Cyberghost, it’s good? Have no log policy and servers are very stable