Warning: giving up on port because retransmission cap hit (10)

Hi, I need a help please. I am getting below error message when I run this command. nmap
Please assist.

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This is odd. You usually only see this when you are using -T4 or above. Have you tried using -T2 to see what happens?

Hi Nathan,
I tried adding -T2 and below is the response:

What sort of network are you on? Do you get the same message when scanning other IPs. Like your local network?
Are you running Kali in a VM?

I am scanning my digital ocean IP address. I tried scanning my local IP address and it worked. I got similar results to what you got in the video.

Yes, I am running Kali as Virtual Machine.
Below is a screenshot. First I scanned my Digital ocean IP address and the result was:
tarting Nmap 7.40 ( https://nmap.org ) at 2017-08-06 16:23 EDT
RTTVAR has grown to over 2.3 seconds, decreasing to 2.0
Then I tried scanning my local IP address and it worked.
Any advice please.
Thank you.

As you go through the course and learn how to be more specific you can narrow the scan down and remove the host discovery and specify just the top 100 ports. To try to bypass throttling.

nmap -Pn -F -T2

I am able to scan these IP just fine. Something between you and those IPs are throttling your scans.

What happens if you scan other Internet IPs. Or scan from one of your DO boxes?

Hi there, I seem to have the same problem. Tried to use T2 but still no luck. I scanned bloggy.com (as in the course video). I m using Nmap 7.70, kali linux on a VM.

The default speed gave me an output after about 15 minutes with a lot of these RTTVAR messages. The result was a total of 9 ports and 991 not shown.

What was the solution in your case?
The picture is with -T2 -v


nmap -Pn -F -T5 ipaddr

it was quick and i finally got this to be figured out yippie