Website for cain and able down

@mohamedatef98. it is the “complete ethical hacking course for certification ceh v10”. that directed us to download “cain and able” software. which would have been at website but it no longer functions. any other websites that offer it are heavily bugged. some of the other course software is also no longer avail. without them we are unable to participate actively in the course. we can only watch as you demonstrate, but can not go hands on with the course work. This does not mean we can not complete the course by watching. it would just be nice to have the software avail. if you have another link where we can get a clean copy of “cain and able” it would be appreciated. thanks

Cain and Able program are available in the Hacker virtual machine with its binary file.

@mohamedatef98 I apologize but what do you mean by in the hacker virtual machine? I have not downloaded it to a virtual machine. I am using VMware as you suggested. in the course you instructed us to download " cain and able" from the website this is no longer active or allowing downloading. I am asking if there is another location to download cain and able. thanks