Website update

I just signed up for your newsletter and was poking around your site. I looked at this URL: and as I support mobile testing tools, I was interested in Lobotomy. That link is dead. I found some other tools when I log into Github, but not that one. Need to get your web guru to do a quick check of links and possible clean up :slight_smile:

Any tools updates coming?

Thank you. Tool updates are now sent out every week or two in the newsletter and not placed on the blog anymore. Sign up to the newsletter for updates on the latest tools and other security news.

Glad your enjoying the course.

If you find any good new tools let me know!

Your up against a challenge trying to run a secure Android OS!

Thanks for that update. I will be looking in the newsletters for the tools. Do you archive them on the website so I can catch up on them?

And you are up late there in the UK! :slight_smile:

I agree given that Google does OS updates but the bloody slow phone companies don’t get the updates out in a timely fashion.

There is no archive online of the newsletters. That is perhaps something we should have! Yes I’m up late. I tend to work US hours as its easier for responding to people (55% are in the US), recording courses and other work I’m doing.

You have my vote to put together a searchable archive of the past newsletters for those of us coming new to the party. I would love to be able to do some reverse engineering.

And I have also signed up to be a “researcher” on Bugcrowd. That way I can find sites to try and crack and report the bugs SO I don’t get in trouble!


Cool. I accept a share of all bounties when offered! :wink:

You probably know this list too.