Welcome to Cyber Security Discourse

@RolandJn I’m not David, but I can guarantee you that the courses are fantastic. Since I became a VIP sub at StationX I have really progressed very quickly.

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After years I finally bought the course, really excited for the journey.

Hi @Merlim_Coppe, Welcome to the community. Hope you enjoy the courses.

Hi. I entered these courses nearly 1 year ago. I’m newbie and the material is vast.
I shall go into a 2nd year soon. Thank you for this excellent resource.

Hi @XubZenWatt, glad you are liking the course.

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Hello guys

Hey Mark, welcome to StationX community! Hope you enjoy the courses!

hey everyone just wanted to say hi and that I’m new here

Hi @Thomas_Ebert, welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy the courses.

Hi Nathan and everyone,

So glad I’ve joined the forum!

I’m currently studying for the CySA+ and working on my labs. Completed the CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst course and the Nmap Ethical Hacking course on here both were great!

I’m on the The Complete Cyber Security Course! Volume 1: Hackers Exposed. Hoping to complete all 4 volumes by the end of this month super excited!

Recently I passed my CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+

Thank you Nathan! This is a great platform loving it!

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Thank you and appreciate that! It is very useful!

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Thanks for the resourceful course.

Hello everyone, looking forward to listen and practice guided by this obviously fantastic course!

Hello/ My name is Utkarsh and I have just enrolled for the Ethical Hacking course. Hope to learn a lot from you and your team Nathan. So far, I’m just loving Zaid’s courses.

Hi @UnknownUser, welcome to the community. Hope you learn new things here

Hello! I just finished Volume 3 of The Complete Cyber Security Course and I am on Volume 4. Glad to be here and part of the StationX community.



Keep grinding and hustling! Best of luck!

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Hello everyone I’m Steve and just joined the course today. I am a total beginner to Cybersecurity and look forward to the course.

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