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Hi Everyone,

I am Keith and want to build a career in cyber security. Thank you @NathanHouse and StationX Team for making this great platform for people like me.


Hi Keith, welcome to this community. Hope you enjoy the courses

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Hey, @Apurv-StationX Glad to be here.

I’m sure I’ll learn a lot here. :star_struck:

I am not receiving email alerts when a Canarytoken Word or PDF document is opened.

How’s it going guys?

This is 54B3R700TH here, and I am a quasi-new person to the realm of cybersecurity. I have enrolled in Station-X last year, and I have high aspirations to learn all things cybersecurity, but unfortunately have not had a lot of time on my hands due to familial reasons, and therefore haven’t really progressed much (I am nearing the end of Volume 1 in Nathan House’s complete cybersecurity course). However, I consider this to be a good thing, for I have heard Nathan House is updating all of his cybersecurity courses for the first quarter of 2023. As far as I know, it hasn’t happened yet, but until that happens, I think I will read some more blog posts or look into encryption algorithms.

Does anybody have an idea on when the courses will be updated?



Edit: I have also for some reason stopped receiving emails from Nathan House, does anybody know a quick fix?

Thanks for the amazing course. Looking forward to learn and help in anyway I can. Thanks

Hey man thank you for making this online… but im trying to get hold of career mentor.

i been waiting for 3 week nothing yet?

Hello i am new in the forum and i will like to gain more knowledge about Cybersecurity.

hi, can someone please tell me where the course resources and notes are? they are not where they suppose to be according to the video.
thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Answered in another post

Hi :blush: Everyone
I hope u you all are fine
Mu name is M.Umer and I’m a student of BS Telecommunication system in BZU Multan. In my subjects there is no cyber security course :disappointed: or any related subjects just one subject which is network security in 7 semester but I want to become a cyber security professional and i am a beginner so i want to learn the cyber security course and I’ll after BS i will go for M.fil in cyber security to learn all about cyber security but now I’m in 5th semester and as a beginner i will start the courses of Station x :smiley: and I hope it helps a lot for me

Just saying hi to everyone :wave:

Hi @Muhammad_Umer, welcome to the community. Hope you enjoy the courses.

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Hi @Km123 , welcome to the community

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Dear kindly guide me I don’t know where are courses about cyber security

Its on stationx website