What should I do?

So I haven’t completed the Cyber Security Course yet but I have an interest in learning ethical hacking and python. So my question is should I start the ethical hacking course while doing the 1st volume of the Cyber Security Course.

If python is the thing you want to learn. Why not? Plenty of jobs out there asking for Python.

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So I dont need to finish the 4 volumes. I can just do 2 at the same time.

Yup np.

And by doing that python course first, you really understand how some of those tools work. You build a number of important tools from scratch. So I say do it.

And i’m talking about Zaid’s course

Alright , So I can start with the Python and ethical hacking from scratch and then move to other courses like website jacking and penetration testing

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Just learn what really interests you. That makes it all a lot easier.
And good luck with your studies!

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Thank you for your help and have a nice day! : )