What VM to use for M1 that supports "windows server 2016"

Hi everyone,

I am going through RED Team EH Course Volume 1 and need to install “windows server 2016 in VM”. I am using M1 and looking for VMs that has Arm64 to do this and it seems I can’t find any.
Would like to ask for help from you guys on how to approach this in the best way possible.

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Hi @keith, as the server 2016 is an old OS, I don’t think you will find and arm version of that. The only way for you here is get a spare laptop to use it. This is the only reason why I have spare laptop having Linux.

Alternatively you can use docker images where you can get same services of windows server. Read here: Windows Container Base Images | Microsoft Learn

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I really appreciate the advice, @Apurv-StationX. It seems that is the only way to do it. Thanks again!