What would we use the cloudlabs for?

I have created a Digital Ocean droplet and I can Nmap scan this although right now it only shows SSH.

What else can I do with the server to make sure I can scan for everything?

Any advice would be great.

If you want to use cloud instances to install offensive stuff, I would advise against it as these servers usually block traffic that can cause damage to the servers. If you want to practice these things, then Metasploitable VM is a good system. Just have it on your own system and try to gain access to that. It has many vulnerable applications installed and services open. There are specific services for cloud that offer these vulnerable systems, you can sue those - just google it. Don’t use famous cloud services like DigitalOcean, AWS for these purposes.

I mean Natahn tells us that we can setup a Cloudlab in the Nmap course, what are we meant to use this for? I assumed it was so we can safely scan our own server?

Just for Nmap, yes, you can setup. You can set up services like apache for web service, ssh service, FTP service. Once you set up these services, when you use Nmap, it will show you which services are open. My previous point was that if you want to learn nmap and know how it shows results, then go for Metasploitable type VMs, and you will get more insights by scanning that VM. If you want to learn how to set up the cloud server, go for the cloud server.

Ok thank you for the explanation do we have videos and training on how to setup metasploitable vms in my network etc?