When i run my packet sniffer it doesnt retrive anything usefull

when i run my sniffer it nothing that it prints is as in the course should “learning python and ethical hacking from scrach” almost every value is not something i can work with and the raw load is just a bunch of characters that doesnt make any sense

I see the packets printing so that’s a good sign. I also see source and destination IP, are those IPs the one you should be getting? as in are you sniffing on that?. Also don’t compare the packet structure with the one from the course. Every packet may be different so not everyone will receive all the details from a packet.

the dst IP isnt correct but the src IP is correct, and also wdym by packet structure? and even so the print function is set to print only if it has http and print it raw the interface is correct and other then dst IP i see nothing wrong

By packet structure, I mean all the fields and values you see on the output. The result will depend on which site you are opening, whether HTTP or HTTPS. You are seeing a bunch of hex characters under “raw” as the website you are visiting is likely HTTPS, which doesn’t show the data part, aka the data part is encrypted using TLS. The lecture shows HTTP site.

yes but i tried even with sites that use only HTTP but it still doesnt work

Try running wireshark then and see if the output you are getting is correct or not for this said site. They both will do basically the same thing of monitoring your interface