When will "The Complete Ethical Hacking Course Bundle" be updated?

I’ve been reviewing the course and comparing it with Udemy, I still don’t see the updates. For example in the first course called “Learn ethical hacking from scratch” of the package, in the last section of website hacking, Zaid added the video “4 Ways to Secure Websites & Apps”
but in stationX it is not added.
I was told last week that it would be updating. I make it clear that I am not criticizing, it is just a question to determine when to start with the course package and that it is as updated as possible.

I have seen a couple of new courses added, so I’m pretty sure StationX is working on it. What you can do is, if you search “Ethical Hacking” in the courses you will see other instructors courses. When you go through them and look at the material being taught in the courses you’ll see its the same exact thing and some are even a little bit more detailed. You don’t have to limit yourself to one. I recommend you look at all of them every instructor has a different perspective towards hacking that you can add to your toolbox.

Hope this helps boss