Where should i start?

What’s the best course for a beginner to start with? Cyber Security Volume 1?

The question is, what do you already know?

Starting with very basic knowledge of IT.

Volume 1 through 4 would be advisable.

You could then move into the CompTIA courses, whichever field interests you. Personally try studying at least for Network+ and Security+, they will get you that foundational knowledge.

I am assuming you have the VIP access? You could also get a customized roadmap built.

If you really want to work in IT eventually, my advice will always be to do CompTIA A+ first.
After that you can really go 100+ other directions. But for the basics I haven’t been able to find anything better yet.

(very basic)

(little bit further hardware)

(little bit further software)

Thanks for the information, i do have the VIP access and will look into the roadmap.

Hi , thanks i will looking to the suggested course, thanks again.