Which flavor of Linux is better to use

I use CentOS as my daily practice to enhance my CLI skills. is it easy to transition if I decide to move to Pentesting? or should I move to Ubuntu? since some of the Linux courses here in StationX are using CentOS. also, what would you recommend Linux Courses here?

Thank you

Any kind of Linux flavor is ok as far as you understand how to install certain tools for that particular OS. For Linux courses, I am not sure whether you want to start pentesting or just want to learn basics of Linux. If starting pentesting then a starter course would be “Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux from A to Z”. If you are going for basics of Linux then an intro course would be “Linux for Beginners”

Thanks Sir

Hi Sir @Apurv-StationX may I have asking which better course here for focusing Ubuntu especially about installing a certain tools for the particular OS. Thank you

I don’t think there is any course that teaches how to install tools as it’s always stated in the documentation of the tools. If you have an issue with installing any particular tool then refer to the documentation and install it.

Thanks for the response. Could you please help me to know what important topic in order should I spend time to learn in Linux before I proceed to hacking course.

You can start with the basics of Linux which includes what Linux is, different flavors, the terminal, directory structure, terminal commands, etc. then move on to Linux administration (don’t go too much in detail) which includes setting up services on Linux, setting firewall, updating system, useful tools to know, etc.