Wi-Fi adapter

Overall which Wi-Fi adapter would be best for all attacks?

Something with this chipset : Atheros AR9271L

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You can also look at different adaptors on this site: https://hackersgrid.com/2020/02/wifi-adapter-for-kali-linux.html. I found this to be an updated one. It tells what works with Kali

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Thank you :blush:

Does anyone know how to fix the “failed to set wlan0mon up using ip” issue as I have tried everything that I have found online and nothing is working, I am using a Ralink RT5370 wifi adapter

What happens when you use this?

apt-get update
git clone https://github.com/arismelachroinos/lscript.git
cd lscript
chmod +x install.sh

Run it like this (as root)

open terminal
type  "l"
press enter


does the WiFi adapter work normally? (not in monitor mode) It doesn’t look like that.
And are you using virtualbox or VMware?

I am only limited to 3 replies so have had to edit this one.

That didn’t work either, so will probably try a different adapter, out of curioisty do you know if me using a different adapter primarily will affect it or not, as I don’t use ethernet, instead have two adapters plugged in, one for my main pc and one for the virtual one, is this an issue?

Did you follow this video?
Just turn the sound off :stuck_out_tongue:
If this doesn’t work i really don’t know what the problem is.
I use this one btw ALFA AWUS036NHA

if you use the monitor mode capable wifi card only for the virtual machine that shouldn’t be a problem.

so i bought a brostrend ac1200 but i can’t connect to kali linux but i can see and connect the device on virtual box but i can’t get the wireless adapter to work in kali linux

Did you check this?

This is for ubuntu but kali and ubuntu are both debian based.
so this should work.
And if this doesn’t work.

Maybe this helps.
1: Make sure the WiFi adapter is fully functional on your host os.
2: then unplug the WiFi adapter from your computer.
3: Start Kali completely and login.
4: And then plug the wifi adpter back into your computer.

btw i don’t know this adapter.

i bought a brand new bros trend ac1200 high gain wireless dapter for linux and when i tried to connect it to kali linux through virtual box it can connect but it’s under a different name called realtek something and when i go into the kali machine, and into th terminal and i tried to enter ifconfig and see if the adapter is connected to this laptop and i couldn’t find another deivce and i just don’t know how to connect that

check the link @Apurv-StationX provided in this topic.
Thats a list of all the wificards that should work with kali.